Jul 23, 2009

I checked out Adgitize today

Pin It I was really wasn't sure what it was about. I've seen their ads on most of the blogs I read and drop on. I decided to sign up. You can earn credits for your Adgitize ads when they are viewed, clicked on and when you click on Adgitize ads on other sites. Plus when writing articles on your blog. I assume that means making blog posts. It seems like a good system. I have enjoyed using Entrecard because I end up finding so many interesting blogs and people and articles when I do my dropping. So, I think Adgitize will give me this same opportunity to do more blog exploring. Thanks in advance to anyone that clicks on my Adgitize ads!

1 comment:

lunaticg said...

I still don't understand how adgitize is all about. Register with them but receive a traffic from them that said "unclick add". Will check later what that means.
See you around.