Aug 1, 2009

Big Brother

Pin It I've watched every season of Big Brother on CBS since season two. It's one of my all time favorite shows. Have you seen it? It's a reality show that comes on three times a week during the summer. All the players are confined to the big brother house with no contact with the outside world. They have a head of household each week. The HOH is determined each week on the live show on Thursday nights. The players compete in all kinds of fun and not so fun competitions. Then on the Sunday night show we see who the HOH has chosen to put up on the chopping block for elimination from the game and the Big Brother house.

Then on Tuesday night we get to see the veto competition where the HOH, the two players up in the chopping block, and three other players chosen at random compete for the veto. The winner of the veto can use the veto to take someone off the block and the HOH then has to put someone up in their place. There are food and luxury competions also. Sometimes players lose in the food competitions and have to eat big brother slop for a week. Plus this year the losers are called have-nots and have to sleep on hard beds and do not get hot water in the shower. Every year there are different twists to the game and so it never gets boring. The producers are very creative that's for sure. The winner of the game gets half a million dollars. Not bad for three months of your life playing a reality game 24/7. Of course second place gets 50,000 dollars. I'm not sure if I could do it. Three months without my computer and the internet would probably drive me crazy! LOL...